About Us

Our company started in 2004, when six geeks parted ways with an established Internet company "streamlined" -- dropping the overhead of its dev team to focus exclusively on sales of the products we had already built. That former company was our first customer for continued product support.

We were happy to leave proprietary platforms behind and move toward Open Source software development. That's where we've been working and where believe the future of technology is headed.

The Geek Gene, LLC is designed operate as a "company without walls," providing flexible opportunities for geeks to participate in developing cutting-edge software solutions. Everyone is rewarded using a performance-based metrics system.

We actively support our local community and many other grass-roots, community-oriented projects.

And yes, it's true -- we're geeks and proud of it. We've got the geek gene so you don't have to.

Arthur Brock

Founder, Geek Meister, Software Architect, Ex-Developer
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Lakewood, CO

Arthur Brock builds targeted currencies that are at the core of the emerging post-industrial economy. He has created more than a hundred designs for multi-currency systems and his software company has built and deployed dozens of those systems.

Initially, Arthur put his degree in Artificial Intelligence to use at GM, Chrysler & Hughes, but he soon realized he was committed to bringing intelligence to social architectures rather than to computers. He started student-run schools and award-winning, employee-run businesses and discovered that the self-managing feedback loops needed to operate these types of organizations were built on particular patterns of incentives and measurement. He began to unlock the social DNA by which groups operate and uncover the critical role of currencies as carriers of that social DNA.

Arthur’s designs include currency systems for: collaborative scientific research, sustainable fishery management, corporate compensation plans, employee stock options, community-based economic development, business barter and exchange, triple-bottom-line trade credits, open source software development, customer loyalty programs, water rights, recirculating gift certificates, community service, employee performance management, arts & culture development, efficient resource sharing & management, and community & environmental impact assessment.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Arthur Brock consults worldwide with organizations which are actively restructuring themselves for the new economy.

Also you can learn more about his crazy currency work at web sites like Lifeblood Designs, the MetaCurrency Project, New Currency Frontiers or the Targeted Currencies Network.

Mike Buland

Programmer, Lead Developer, Deep Systems Geek
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Mike was always fascinated with computers, and started trying to program way back in elementary school on his parents' Commodore 64. He later graduated to programming in GW Basic on the family 386 around 4th grade. He moved on to C in 6th grade and junior high, and expanded into C++. Programming was always more of a passion than a hobby, and he spent most of his time either reading his dad's old sci-fi collection or programming something or other.

He and a friend in elementary school started their own software company, and although they never made any money with it, it was a fun experience. That gave way to several contract programming jobs in high school and work for a local geophysical and GIS software firm out of Golden. There he worked on mapping software and Census TIGER/Line interface systems.

After high school Mike attended Regis University in Denver studying Computer Science and Mathematics. There he refined his self-taught skills and explored many new and interesting topics including Artificial Life, Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Cellular Automata, Database Theory, Data Structures, and more. He did a large amount of work in the area of neural networks and artificial life simulations, including pattern recognition, music generation, art generation, problem solving, and simulated ecosystems.

It was also in college that Mike started developing libbu++, incidentally for a game project that he was working on. Libbu++ became a general library of very handy C++ code and has continued to grow and be refined today, and is the foundation of a number of Geek Gene projects.

In his personal life, Mike has now been married for two years, and he and his wife have recently purchased a house. He enjoys reading, and writing fantasy and science fiction, as well as playing table top role playing games with his friends. He enjoys gardening and working around the house, and also has a great time working on cars. He is currently restoring a 1987 Porsche 944, and his wife is shopping for a 1980's era Corvette that she can work on.

Lauren Higgins

Project Manager, Organizer of All Things,
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Lauren Higgins is an experienced artist, social-environmental system consultant and social strategist whose practices reflect her personal commitment to holistic design, transformational change in human systems as well as arts and cultural exchange.She is a LEED accredited professional, certified mediator, and holds a bachelors degree in Organizational Communication and Spanish from Metro State College of Denver.

At Geek Gene, Lauren helps optimize and manage various software and currency related projects as well as building relationships with communities, business owners, and innovators around the application of these projects for a thrivable future.

Lauren is also the Director of the Yes...And? program for the Communikey Festival, where she establishes an intersection for Ecology, Technology and the Arts. Yes, And…? creates low-impact eco options for event organizing as well as educational events that bring together artists, scientists, and community members to explore new innovative ideas and technologies that merge a sustainable and artistic future.

Whether at Geek Gene or Communikey, Lauren's work aims to create a synergistic balance between social innovation, sustainable organizational development, multicultural diversity, green design, corporate social responsibility, and effective consultation practices.

David Braden

Geek, Rapid Prototyper, Lord of JavaScript
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David started programming around the age of ten. While at this point he works mainly with c++, he has a wide range of experience including vb6, c#, python, and in-depth javascript. David is our rapid prototyper. He has a knack for cranking out functional software in incredibly short time cycles.

Hobbies include video games, hiking, snowboarding, sci-fi, and even programming. When in the right mood, he can speak conversationally in Japanese.


Jim Ruberto

Diggin' Deep Drupal Developer, Freelancer, Musician
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Jim has been working with Geek Gene and with Drupal for far too long. In fact, he has branched off into other endeavors that take up much of his time.

Jim has been investing a lot of his time working on a cool project called W1SDØM. W1SDØM is designed to support change agents, investors and advisors by facilitating the flow of capital – be it human, intellectual, social or financial – to more effectively create the next generation of global sustainable enterprise.

Not only does he bring his extensive background in finance, financial software development and web application development, but he's a downright rockin' musician active in the Denver music community and musical production. When needed he is still a pinch-hitter on a number of Geek Gene's Drupal projects.

His background financial software development has proven quite valuable in a number of our alternative currency projects.