Community Resources

At Geek Gene, our community is very important to us. We take pride in choosing projects which help positively impact our community (or the community where the project is based). We have done everything from custom web development to custom software development and the development of new currency systems to help communities across the country. Below are some of these projects.
Create a social networking site to help the non-profit community

Sponsored by The Piton Foundation and The Civic Canopy, the Civic Network will be used to help people of like-minds find each other, network, share ideas and make change happen. We have enjoyed helping this social change networking site get off the ground and working to help positively enhance our communities.

Directory of all the businesses in Colorado which are local

Sponsored by the Mile High Business Alliance, this site helps conscious consumers find local businesses to support as well as to review their favorite businesses. This has had an overwhelmingly positive response
since exiting beta early in 2009 and continues to grow daily.

Businesses are also encouraged to network with other local businesses to form a stronger community.

Custom development and management of information technology

Deproduction is a NonProfit Corporation specializing in production and progressive media training (the history of that organization --and its predecessor, denverevolution-- can be seen here).

In late 2005, Deproduction developed a proposal for re-inventing public access TV in Denver. The proposal hinged on a new approach to Public Access TV: a station almost entirely run by the community. In choosing a name for the new station, they decided against calling it "Deproduction" and instead opted for a new name with no history or pre-exisiting hierarchy: a new entity that could be owned by the community who would be running it.

Make neighborhood guides of locally-owned businesses available for online searches and downloads.

Denver is home to many unique neighborhoods, with locally owned shops and restaurants not found anywhere else. Local Flavor Guides™ are full color, easy-to-carry brochures that feature one-of-a-kind Denver businesses just waiting to be discovered. Great for locals and visitors alike! Local Flavor Guides™ are a project of the Mile High Business Alliance, a Denver-based organization committed to strengthening local business.

Guides are currently available for: Old South Pearl St., Santa Fe Arts District, East Colfax, Uptown, South Broadway (SoBo), Lower Highlands (LoHi) and Old South Gaylord St.

Help build a stronger local community through better local business relations

The Mission of the Mile High Business Alliance is to build better community through better business. We help people find and support local business, and are building an alliance of local businesses who are working together to build a stronger local economy - sharing best practices, doing business together, and helping each other compete against non-local business. We're not about 'business as usual,' but are local entrepreneurs and community members who are designing, influencing and building what's next.

To help people grow and support local farmers and gardeners in the Colorado area

Grow Local is a new project developed by community leaders, gardeners, locavores, farmers and businesses to help more people grow more food locally. This website is a resource hub for information, expertise and partnership in establishing your own food garden in your home, business, or public space

To build the next generation platform for supporting open source software development

SourceTree Commons is the next generation platform for supporting open source software development, more than a code repository. They are building a community to support open source collaboration and here's just a bit of what makes us different:

* SourceTree is open source. They want geeks to do what they do best - build cool stuff. And they think the platform to support development should be open for improvement as well.

* The platform is distributed. This isn't about centralizing control of source code. Redundancy enhances reliability, and distributing the overhead and cost necessary to provide these tools makes it easier for everyone.

* They are a community. It takes a village to raise a project. There are vital roles for a diverse range of people to play in making software successful.

To build a beautiful and functional home for ICAH

Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health was founded in 1977 as the Illinois Caucus on Teenage Pregnancy. As the organization grew, so did its mission, and by 2000, the organization had collected an extensive range of accomplishments in the fields of child welfare, adolescent workforce development and welfare reform, in addition to its work on adolescent health. Today, ICAH has focused once again on what the board of directors, staff, members, and young leaders see as the organization’s primary mission: in partnership with youth, advocating sound policies and practices that promote a positive approach to adolescent sexual health and parenting. ICAH’s strategies to support this mission include development of young leaders, policy analysis and development, advocacy, and training of both youth and adults.

To provide the legislature with feedback, information, and input on policy issues affecting Colorado's youth.

Colorado is one of ten states that have created legislative youth advisory councils. The Colorado Youth Advisory Council is comprised of 40 young people between the ages of 14 and 19, and two nonvoting members from the legislature. Members represent the diversity of Colorado's youth, with one member selected from each of the 35 Senate district and five at large members selected to ensure adequate rural representation. The Council meets four times per year, with two meetings occurring during the legislative session. Members serve a two-year term, and may apply for a second term. The Council elects a youth member and legislator to as co-chairs. These members provide the legislature with feedback, information, and input on policy issues affecting Colorado's youth.

Wesbite for an incredible artist and friend

Annemie Curlin is a Vermont based painter whose intimate and fantastical style is inspired by the early Renaissance and focuses mostly on nature, women, and the opposing poles of celebration and catastrophes.